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Ceramic makes its mark. With the successful SLS formula.
How do you combine aesthetic standards, high quality, and economic profit? How do you get better results faster and more efficiently?
The answer to these questions lies with HeraCeram. From an ideal combination of chemical composition and specialised processing comes the stabilised leucite structure “SLS”.
Experts have relied on HeraCeram for years.
HeraCeram’s SLS formula achieves the best possible material characteristics for perfect veneering ceramics for all your needs. With clear advantages for you on all levels of work. Use this to your laboratory’s advantage.
Simple and time-saving handling.
Efficient and fast application. The SLS formula makes the difference and sets new standards. The result: The slow cooling cycle is already integrated at the perfect industrial level cutting out the slow cooling phase during the firing cycle saves time.
Less stress susceptibility.
Leucite’s stabilising structure considerably reduces the ceramics susceptibility to stress. More still: HeraCeram stands for reliable veneering of conventional bonding alloys and HeraCeram Zirkonia for veneering of zirconium oxide frameworks.
Highly reliable veneering. At all process stages.
Still with the dependability of achieving high quality comprehensive and aesthetic results without the usual side effects, such as uncontrollable CTE values.

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Close to nature results.
HeraCeram sets new standards in porcelain. With perfect and natural results. With HeraCeram, you dictate and make the choice. Whether it is standard or high end layering.
Two lines of veneering ceramic
each ideally matched to various framework materials. HeraCeram and HeraCeram Zirkonia. Choice of shade, assortment, and aesthetic concept follow a clearly defined philosophy. Because results count.
HeraCeram. High fusing ceramic for classic bonding alloys.
HeraCeram Zirkonia. Veneering ceramic for all zirconium oxide frameworks.