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Natural Bone – Naturally with Ostim
Ostim comprises synthetic, nanocrystalline, phase-pure hydroxyapatite in an aqueous paste. Its chemical composition and the crystalline structure of the calcium phosphate components correspond to the natural bone. Therefore, Ostim presents a type of hydroxyapatite that the body itself uses for building bone and teeth.
Ostim – Easy Application in one step
Ostim can be applied directly into the defect without intermediate steps or prior mixing. Its consistency is ideal for adaptation into all kinds of defects. Ostim is hydrophilic. It will be passively penetrated by blood transporting all growth and differentiation factors needed for bone regeneration.
Ostim – Support of the body’s own bone regeneration
Due to early unhindered ingrowth of blood vessels fast bone formation occurs within a few months. The small particle size with great specific surface offers perfect scaffolding for osteoblasts to build up bony structures. In the following remodelling process Ostim will be replaced completely by the body’s own bone.
Ostim – Safe, efficient und clinically approved
Ostim is safe
Ostim is free from any material of biological origin (either animal or human), it is manufactured under sterile conditions and does not contain any preservatives. Immune reactions or transmission of diseases can be excluded with high reliability.
Ostim is efficient
The minuscule particle size of these nanocrystals is not inhibiting the ingrowth of new blood vessels. Therefore the vascularisation of the bony defect occurs in a very early stadium and bone regeneration can start. This works in smaller as well as in bigger bone defects.
Ostim is clinically approved
Since more than 5 years Ostim supports dentists, implantologists, periodontists, oral surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons in various indications regarding bone regeneration as a reliable bone grafting material. Results of different clinical studies e. g. in the field of periodontology, implantology and maxillofacial surgery are available. Further studies are on-going to increase constantly the knowledge about Ostim and its use in bone regeneration.